smARTravel is an innovative app that offers visitors of museums, galleries and cities the possibility to experience their visit in a more dynamic, vivid, and interactive way using their own smartphone or tablet as a multimedia guide.

smARTravel App Features

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Offline mode – no roaming costs!
  • QR reader / alphanumeric code
  • Info about the institution (location, info, ticketing,…)
  • Info about exhibitions, artworks, and artists
  • Multimedia content (audio, video, images, and text)
  • Multi Language

Advantages for Museums, Galleries, and other Institutions

  • Provide visitors with innovative product that will allow them to have a more dynamic, and enjoyable experience
  • Have access an easy to use web-based platform to upload the multimedia content (audio, video, images, text) for the exhibition, museum, objects, building etc. (e.g. as easy as up loading a picture on Facebook)
  • Print directly from the computer the QR code containing the information uploaded
  • Info and content is well secured and guaranteed, copyright policies can be applied according to institutions protocols
  • The technical department is continuously updating and innovating in new app’s features (free updates newest version)

For more details, visit the project page at

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